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Robert Earl Keen hits the right note with ‘Live Dinner Reunion’ 20 years after ‘No. 2 Live Dinner’ release

You know  Robert Earl Keen is an amazing musician and entertainer. What you may not know is that he’s funny. Really funny.

If you have ever heard the West Texas troubadour trading one-liners with Charlotte DJs John Boy and Billon their Big Show or seen him live in concert at one of the myriad music festivals he headlines, you might have guessed he’s got a sense of humor. But in one-on-one conversations, he drops one-liners faster than Jim Gaffigan.

But that doesn’t mean he can’t be serious. And make no mistake, he’s serious about his music. But not too serious.

Keen’s biggest-selling album, 1996’s “No. 2 Live Dinner,” was in fact an accident.

“That one was totally raw and reckless,” he said in a recent phone interview. “I truly didn’t intend to make a record. It was truly a grassroots kind of thing. For a year there, you could hear that record blasting out of dorm rooms, bars, cars and parties. It was warts and all but it was fun.”

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